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Funding Source

We are registered Charity.

This is principally an organisation to raise funds for the disadvantaged children. The structure is simple to allow decisions to be made quickly and efficiently. Corporate donors from the UK can benefit from the UK ‘s generous taxation legislation for charities. Funds are secure and earning interest prior to being transferred to beneficiary country for the benefit of the children.

The charity is managed by representatives from recipient and the United Kingdom. Projects are selected jointly between the Trustees of the UK charity and the Supervisory Board of the beneficary charity. Funds from the UK will be transferred as projects are undertaken and joint funding has been agreed and verified.

To give the charity an initial boost, founder Ken Wills has donated his own money.

Why Joint Funding?

The joint funding initiative is integral to the success of both charities. The principle of joint funding ensures that money is resourced from both the government and industry in the UK and other countries. By involving business and Government in the charity the profile of these disadvantaged children will be lifted. This will encourage an enhancement of their priority for increased state funding in the future.

Independent Initiatives.

The joint funding initiative does not preclude either charity from acting independently for the benefit of the children. This will allow individual donors to sponsor specific projects if they should so wish on a reduced timescale. This provision will also allow funding to be channelled directly to children at risk in cases of emergency.

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How We Support Children?


Program Services offered by Variety Childrens Charity

  • Educates and inform the Public concerning the needs of Handicapped and Disabled Children.
  • To provide Referral services and maintain a toll-free national hotline for Handicapped children.
    Acts as Children’s Advocates.
  • To provide services in whatever form possible for Handicapped and Disabled children and the parents of said children. .
  • To purchase Medical Equipment for Handicapped and Disabled Children.
  • Support Day Care centers to help children further there Education.
  • Variety Childrens Charity helps children all around the world.
  • Variety Childrens Charity has helped over 3500 Children & institutions around the word.

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Get sponsored to take a challenge. Fundraise for us by involving your local community, company or school.