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Novo Place EC, an innovative executive condominium by Hoi Hup and Sunway Group, epitomizes the fusion of modern living and community well-being, much like the mission of Variety – the Children’s Charity. Located at Tengah Plantation Close, this development offers a balanced lifestyle with smart home technologies and sustainable living practices, fostering a supportive environment for families.

Smart Living for Peace of Mind

Novo Place EC is designed to provide a secure and comfortable living environment. With state-of-the-art smart home systems, residents can easily manage their home’s security and energy efficiency. This focus on safety and convenience mirrors Variety’s dedication to improving the lives of children and families, ensuring they have a safe and nurturing environment to thrive.

Sustainability and Inclusivity

Emphasizing green building practices, Novo Place EC incorporates energy-efficient solutions and sustainable materials. This commitment to environmental stewardship aligns with Variety’s mission to create a better world for children. Both entities prioritize innovation and inclusivity, ensuring that everyone can benefit from a healthier and more sustainable future.

Community and Connection

Novo Place EC fosters a sense of community with its well-planned communal spaces, fitness centers, and recreational facilities. These amenities encourage social interaction and a balanced lifestyle, akin to Variety’s efforts in building inclusive communities where children can play, learn, and grow together. The development’s focus on community reflects the charity’s goal of enhancing the quality of life for families.

Strategic Location and Accessibility

Novo Place EC’s prime location offers residents easy access to essential amenities and public transportation. This mirrors the importance of accessibility in Variety’s programs, which ensure that all children, regardless of their circumstances, have access to the resources they need.

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